How to Get Traffic to a New Blog | Best Ways to increase organic traffic

Getting organic traffic is hard work for a newbie, if you have started a new blog and you have published 20 to 50 posts on it and also if you have applied for any “Ad Network” now the problem, is you don’t have any organic traffic, and without traffic, you could not make money.

Every new blogger searching for how to get traffic to a new blog but actually doesn’t know the real ways to get organic traffic.

Getting traffic from social media is a bit hard and if you have a good keyword then definitely you will get organic traffic without hard work.

So, you will learn in this article exactly how to get more traffic to your blog to secret content promotion.

In fact, the strategies I’m about to share with you have helped grow my blog to 407,000 monthly visits and 150,000 email subscribers.

And if you want proven strategies that you can use to get more traffic to your blog, you’ll love this article.

When I started my blog a few years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.

So, I read a bunch of articles and watched a bunch of videos on how to grow a blog.

And pretty much everything I SAW said the exact same thing. The key to growing a blog is to publish high-quality content on a consistent basis.

So that’s what I did. I published a new blog post every week, for months.

And I completely changed things up. So instead of publishing a bunch of content and hoping that they brought in traffic, I decided to publish a small number of epic posts, and then promote the heck out of them.

And it worked. Thanks mostly to the promotional strategies that I’m about to share with you on how to Get Traffic to a New Blog.

01 Guest Posting

Strategy number one, use guest post bonuses. guest posting is a great way to get traffic and backlinks to your blog, there’s only one problem, it’s really hard to get people from your guest post to your website.

In fact, one interesting study found that the average guest posts bring in only 50 visitors.

So, what’s the solution guest posts bonuses with a guest post bonus, you don’t just add a link to your site at the bottom of your guest posts.

Instead, you offer up something that makes someone want to visit your website after they finish reading your post.

For example, a while back I published a guest post on the Buffer blog. And yes, I had a traditional author bio link.

But I also created a unique bonus just for readers of my buffer guest post.

And that single guest post brought in 471 visitors in the first month, which is almost 10 times the traffic that you usually get from a guest post.

02 Update & Improve Old Blog Content

Last year, I started a huge new project from my blog update every single post that I ever published.

Now it wasn’t easy, but this project helped boost his overall traffic by 25.71% compared to the previous year on the surface 25%. more traffic might not sound like a lot

But that 25.71% increase equals 410,322 more visitors every year, which is a lot. With that, let’s dive into the steps.

First, go to the last page of your blog feed that’s right all the way back to your very first post, then update and improve that post.

For example, I found that an old post from my site was in desperate need of an update.

It was so out of date that actually a lot of the content didn’t even make sense anymore.

So besides replacing that out of the info, I decided to make the post actually better. Specifically, I replaced old visuals and images, added new strategies and all in all made the post straight-up better than the old version.

Finally, I push the changes live and change the last updated date in WordPress, which boosted the overall traffic to that page by 85.2%. Rinse and repeat this process for as many posts as you can.

If that’s one post No problem, every little bit helps if it’s 10.

That’s even better. In my case, I ended up improving about 40 different blog posts. It took a few months for these changes to roll out.

03 Publish content with Data

Content with data is blowing up right now. That’s because content with data is a great way to help your blog stand out.

For example, a few years ago, we published a massive search engine ranking factor study.

Overall, that post led to 1000s of shares on social media and lots of high-quality backlinks.

The only problem was that study was super hard and expensive to pull off.

They were servers crawlers data partners, bugs, problems, millions of data points, and lots more problems to contend with.

And yeah, when I started, I knew that that type of industry research was harder to pull off than a list post.

But this was kind of insane.

Well, I recently learned that you can publish content with data without going crazy.

For example, last year, we published a study on Voice Search. Now to be clear, that study took a lot of work, our CTO had to manually ask Google Home 10,000 questions plus, we had to analyze the data.

So yeah, it wasn’t easy. But this study was about 20 times easier than our search engine ranking factor study.

And it still did really well. Not only do we get a traffic spike, the week the post went live, but people still link to and share our study.

And unlike my search engine, ranking factor study, pretty much anybody could have pulled this off, all you needed was a Google Home device, and someone willing to put in the work, we just happen to be the first to do it.

04 Reply to Every Comment

Reply to every comment that comes in now you might have noticed that most of peoples get a lot of comments on every post that they published on their blogs. I have also many comments on my blog, So what’s my secret?

First of all, I really try to only publish good stuff, in other words, content that’s actually worth commenting on.

But even more important than that, I reply to pretty much every comment that I get, especially in the first 24 hours after a post goes live. In fact, according to our WordPress data, we’ve got 10,000 comments on our blog and 4,000 of those comments are me replying to people that’s kind of insane.

And yeah, reply to all those people took a lot of time and effort, but those replies show that actually care about my readers, even if that reply is just a simple Thank you or thumbs-up emoji.

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Blogger, Entrepreneur, Marketing Analyst

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Gul Muneer Dahri

Gul Muneer Dahri

Blogger, Entrepreneur, Marketing Analyst

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